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Delivering an unprecedented return on education for learners, employers & institutions.

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Meteor Learning partners with colleges, universities, and employers to develop employer-aligned programs that deliver an unprecedented return on education.

The problem we're solving.

Organizations rely on higher education to address significant skill gaps by delivering a highly-skilled, job-ready workforce. Institutions are focused on reinventing program offerings to meet ever-changing skillset demands from the marketplace. To fully address these gaps, institutions must align programs with employers’ hiring needs and demonstrate learning outcomes.

Innovative program design and delivery.


Upskilling workforce to address business challenges.


New pathways, skills and advancement.

How we're solving it.

Meteor Learning has developed a model to help institutions develop and implement employer-
aligned, competency-based programs focused on delivering results.

19% of occupations are classified as "Opportunity Jobs"

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

74% of "Opportunity Jobs" require a 4-year degree or higher

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

21% of students enrolled in college are over the age of 30

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics 2017 Enrollment.

Did you know?

Businesses consistently report that employees lack the competencies they need to be effective in their rapidly-changing roles, costing employers billions of dollars in
hiring, productivity losses, and training.

We're challenging higher-education to think bigger.

Institutions who want to reduce time to market and ensure success in the development of employer-aligned programs can rely on our team to deliver -- strategic assessment to program implementation.

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